Planning Engineers

  • Lead and co-ordinate all activities related to project schedule and detail planning

  • Establish the baseline schedule – including critical path analysis.

  • Identification, analysis and further follow-up of schedule risks and opportunities

  • Progress reporting internally and externally according to Contract and internal requirements – co-ordinate input to the monthly report

  • Simulation of planning scenarios and analysis of progress

We are looking for both younger and experienced engineers.

Workplace Trondheim

Join a team of highly experienced specialists and be part of our Low Carbon Academy - a series of workshops for employees with oil & gas background who will engage in Low Carbon Projects.

Om Reinertsen New Energy

REINERTSEN New Energy AS (RENE) was established in 2017 by Torkild R. Reinertsen, former owner and CEO of REINERTSEN AS.

The new company is based on Reinertsen's proud history of oil and gas, where we for over 35 years carried out large complex projects for the oil and gas companies. This covered engineering, design, planning, construction and installation of oil and gas facilities on both subsea and topside.

Reinertsen has worked with Hydrogen and CO2 capture since 2011. It all started with the purchase of the rights to Sintef's Palladium membrane technology, and a comprehensive program to further develop and commercialize the technology. This development has been separated into a subsidiary company, HYDROGEN Mem-Tech AS, where other investors also have ownership.

REINERTSEN New Energy is an engineering company engaged in technology development, especially with technology and facilities related to emission-free production of hydrogen / ammonia from natural gas, with carbon capture and storage (CCS).

With more than 10 years experience in system design related to production, handling, transport and storage of hydrogen, we are well acquainted with the technology and the suppliers available in the market.

For us, it is natural to continue in the role of independent study / engineering supplier, as we have done for 40 years in oil & gas, and we will study and document solutions that are in the customer's interest, with integration of suppliers' technology packages , completely independent of any own technology.

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Planning Engineer

Bedrift: Reinertsen New Energy
Stilling: Fulltidsjobb
Lokasjon: Trondheim
Søknadsfrist: None
Kontaktperson: Johan Fredrik Bratt
Telefon: 480 38 910